naar het programma

foto van spreker Marc Dechèvre

Marc Dechèvre makes his very first website in 1994, when the web was still quite confidential.

In 2008, he discovers Joomla. Quickly, he perceives its great qualities and the force of its Community. That Community gave him a lot... so in return he is very pleased to try to give back.

So that is why he turns out to be a regular speaker (in French / English / Dutch) at

In addition, he regularly publishes articles, available a.o. on 

En 2016, he is the 1st French-speaking person to get the Joomla Certification. Since then, he is involved in the Certification Working Group of, in particular in order to help having the FR version.

In 2017, he enters the Board of AFUJ (Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Joomla), the French-Speaking Association of Joomla Users.


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