Akeeba Backup & Amazon S3

How to securely store your backups in the Cloud (on Amazon S3) automatically with Akeeba Backup ?

The goal of this presentation is to share best practices in terms of BACKUPS.

  • you make regular backups (and you test them) ? Great!
  • these backups are triggered automatically ? Even better!
  • But is it enough ? NO!
    - what if your hosting company has a technical problem?
    - what if the renewal date of your hosting has been forgotten and if the hoster has deleted your account?
    - what if you make a mistake on your website?
    - and above all: what if a hacker gains access to your site and destroys all your backups?

In all these cases, not only do you lose your site... but also all your backups at the same time!

So that is why automatic and regular backups to the Cloud are a must.
But you should configure that properly and not too quickly, in order to avoid compromising all the websites and *increase* your risk/exposure instead of *mitigating* it.

This is precisely the purpose of this presentation...

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